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If you would like your dog bathed before it goes home we are happy to provide
this service at a reasonable rate. Prices do vary depending upon breed, condition
of coat and amount of clipper work involved. 

Included with any bathing service:

  • Quality shampoo used
  • Nail trimming or grinding...depending on dog
  • Ear cleaning
  • Check the anal glands
  • Brushing, clipping or scissor work

We disregard the checkout time if your pet is being bathed or groomed the day
it goes home as most boarders are ready for pickup during our 4:00 – 6:00PM office hours.

Benefits of Regular Bathing & Grooming:

  • Leads to less shedding, healthy skin, and a healthy coat
  • Your dog will become accustomed to being bathed and actually enjoy the experience!
  • We use high quality and customized grooming products at a great value.
  • No lifting and struggling at home getting your dog into the bathtub!
  • Best of all…Dogs who smell and look great receive lots more hugs at home!




Call us today and hear about our bathing and grooming options. Your dog can get “the works” every few months or a simple maintenance bath as needed. Avoid making additional appointments and an additional trip… have your dog groomed or bathed during your next visit!

You don’t have to be a boarder in order to use our bathing and grooming services; However we do require an appointment for this service. Vaccinations, (DHLPP, Bordetella & Rabies) do have to be current. Nail trimming can also be done at any time again give us a call.

Prices for Grooming and Bathing
Rates vary from $15 - $45. Please call for (209) 551-5070 specific pricing.





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