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  Our main goal is to provide your pet with the most comfortable boarding experience possible. We strive to make your pets stay with us a safe and enjoyable experience.

Kennels are an indoor/outdoor combination. We have a sliding door dividing each indoor/outdoor area where we control when your pet is able to access their own outside run. While inside the kennel each space has a solid partition making your pet feels like they have their own area to rest. The outside runs are cyclone where they can see their neighbors but don't come into contact with each other. For this reason we like to have all boarders well socialized. 

We realize not all personalities get along so we try to match neighbors by like size and temperaments.

Each space is based upon single occupancy however; if an owner has more than one dog the area is large enough for two members of the same family to be together.  We do offer a discount for multiple pets.

You are welcome to bring some form of bedding. A blanket or towel works best. We ask no more than two toys. Toys or chews such as a rubber or nylon product are preferred. Try not to bring expensive/special bedding or favorite toys as sometimes these items are best for when your pet returns home. 

In case you forget we do keep a clean supply of blankets and rugs that we are happy to provide for your pets stay.

We feed a high quality dry lamb and rice dog food. You are welcome to bring your own food however there is no deduction in the boarding price. We also have a refrigerator and microwave for those dogs needing specialized diets.  Most dogs do great but for some the excitement of the car ride may create an upset tummy so try not to feed your pet prior to leaving home. Likewise, as soon as they get home. We normally feed in the evening after closing so that all boarders are able to relax after their meal without any interruptions. If your dog is on a special feed schedule please let us know and we will try to keep to it.

The kennel is climate controlled to accommodate the varying weather conditions.  Both the inside and outside runs are on cement.

What we offer for Cats:
We have a separate room within the kennel for our feline boarders.  We do like our feline boarders friendly and able for us to handle. Cats normally prefer their home environment and outside that area they feel safest in a smaller enclosed space. For them we have created a 4' x 4' elevated single occupancy enclosure with natural overhead lighting and designed it so they may see one another.  Plenty of room for them to stretch and move around and have their food, water, litter pan, scratching post and bedding. We prefer to have our feline guest brought in some form of travel carrier. Their boarding area is large enough for us to take the door off their carrier and put it inside if you wish. This way they have an area within their boarding space to curl up inside of or on top of. Feel free to bring a towel or bed as well. We feed a high quality indoor cat food and supply all the litter. 

You are welcome to bring your own dry or wet cat food; however there is no deduction in boarding price. Toys no more than two and try to avoid bringing anything that has sentimental value. Some cats love a good rub behind the ear and some extra TLC while others are happy with food water and friendly words.  We try to do whatever makes them happy.

Play/ Walk Time: One-on-One
Both walks and playtime are done on a One-on-One basis. This way we are able to give your pet our full attention While your pet may get along with other dogs we feel that while under our care an individualized approach works best.

Our 3/4 acre secure fenced area for your pet to run and explore as well as a large area for on leash walks. We try to tailor the time outside the kennel to your dog’s preferences.

  • Walk or Playtime $3 per session with each session lasting 20 minutes
  • If a family has more than one pet we are happy to let them play together.
    Fee varies depending upon number of pets.
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Under 85 lbs:
$20 per night.

Over 85 lbs:
$22 per night.

  • Walk/Playtime is $3 per session each session lasting 20 minutes


All Breeds 
$15 per night.

We offer discounts for families with multiple pets…call for price!

Many kennels charge both the first and last day regardless of times.  We have tried many different pricing policies and hours over the years and none is perfect for every case. We settled for the one that seems to work for the majority of our clients. Just remember if “this time” it seems unfair for your case , the “next time” it may work to your advantage.

Are We Open on Sundays?
Since many of our clients return on Sunday afternoon and go to work early Monday morning; we decided to grant a two hour pick up period on Sunday evening. Sunday pickup is an $8.00 charge

Country View Kennels = The Holiday Inn for our Portuguese Water dogs, Fado and Lisboa. While we’re away, our dogs are well cared for and consistently nurtured. The genuine interest in our dogs is always displayed. The owners’ friendliness and flexibility make doing business with them a pleasure. We would not choose any other kennel for our dear pets, whose tails wag rapidly when we ask them, “Do you want to go see Chris?”
That says it all!


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